Slow Roll is a membership based organization. You need to join to do the ride. When you join you’ll receive this special feeling of being a part one of the largest weekly bicycle rides in the world, right here in Detroit. Not only will you be a part of something special, you will get advance information about the rides, road side assistance from the amazing Squad volunteers, special offers and so many other benefits. You’ll also pay dues that make sense for you, and that lets us pay the bills and make the ride possible.

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    We offer three different membership levels:

    Patron Membership [$60]
    Become a Patron Member if you want to provide additional support to Slow Roll. By purchasing a Patron membership you not only contribute to the basic costs that our Basic Membership covers, but you also help us to offer free memberships to our neighbors who need them. You are allowing us extend our non-profit partnerships, and to expand the possibilties of what Slow Roll can be for Detroit. Its the Patron Members that make us go above and beyond.

    We know our Patron members are looking to give, not receive, but to thank you for your support you’ll receive a special Slow Roll t-shirt we make available only to our Patron members. We’ll also invite you to a few events for Patron Members only, or give you first dibs at special events open to all.

    Basic Membership [$15]
    As a Basic Member you’re helping to cover your share of the costs for the ride. The fifteen dollars
    gives you access to over 20 rides, it pays for the police escort, liability insurance, ambulance service, porta-potties and more. In return you receive a summer’s worth of fun and memories. Even if you can attend only one ride, the basic membership is a great value. Compare a Slow Roll membership to the cost of any one-day event (or a movie) and you’ll agree we’re the best $15 you’ll spend this summer.

    Free Membership [$0]
    Slow Roll started as a bike ride among friends. No one paid anything (and we didn’t have any bills). It’s different now. But we’ve always offered Free Membership to our neighbors who need one. No questions asked. If you have a bike, will sign a waiver, and treat others with respect we want you to ride with us, regardless of your ability to pay. If you need a free membership, please take it. If your situation changes, you can upgrade from a
    free to a paid membership at any time. NOTE: If you’re tempted to accept a free membership because you’re only doing one or two rides, please consider how affordable our basic membership is.

    Renew Your 2017 Membership 
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