Squad Application

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    Slow Roll has adopted this Code of Conduct for our Squad volunteers to promote safe cycling and ride management.  By applying to join SQUAD you affirm acceptance of this Code. Failure to maintain this Code of Conduct may result in temporary suspension from Squad or revocation of Squad position.

    1. While representing Squad as a volunteer be reminded that you represent Slow Roll as a business and a brand. Your (yellow) shirts are property of Slow Roll and may be revoked at any time.

    1. While wearing your Squad shirt you are not to bring the Slow Roll business into disrepute.

    1. While wearing your Squad shirt you will abstain from consumption or use of all alcohol and illegal substances prior to and during the ride.

    1. While wearing your Squad shirt you shall not disrespect or defile public or private property.

    1. While wearing your Squad shirt you will act in an appropriate professional manner avoiding altercations and handling disputes in a professional manner.

    1. While wearing your Squad shirt you shall not commit indecent acts including but not limited to public urination/defecation or public sexual contact.

    1. All Squad volunteers are required to wear their Squad shirt while volunteering on the ride. Helmets and use front and rear lights are also required.

    1. As a Squad member it is your job to provide for the general welfare, health and safety of all Slow Roll riders and volunteers.

    1. As a Squad volunteer you are expected to make all attempts to be available for each scheduled weekly ride. We depend on you. Your role is important. For volunteer coordination purposes, if squad members are not be able to attend a ride they should notify by either email, FB message or text, the person in charge of the roster (Whitney Rae)

    1. Upon arrival to the ride location, please check in at the merchandise tent. Mark your name and arrival time. Please be present 30 minutes prior to the ride meeting time for an all-Squad volunteer meeting.

    1. All Squad volunteers shall utilize the free walkie-talkie app, Zello. Communication before, during and immediately after the ride is critical to the ride operations and safety.

    1. All Squad volunteers will report any emergencies to the appropriate authorities after first taking immediate action to ensure the health and safety of the participants.

    All Squad volunteers are required to follow all directions and training and safety mandates from your team captain. These directions are in place for the safety of all riders and Squad volunteers.

    Be passionate about the ride and the city. Respect the riders. Work hard. Take pride. Have fun.

    Slow Roll!  Squad!